Specialist Areas

Jurien Bay District High School

Visual Arts

In Visual Art, students discover new ways of representing and expressing their ideas, imagination and views of the world around them.

Primary Art: All classes from 1-6 attend Art once a week with a passionate Visual Arts specialist. Children develop their skills in many aspects of Visual Arts including painting, drawing, sculpture, clay work, printing and textiles.

Secondary Art: Year 7 and 8 students continue to develop their Visual Art skills and understanding once a week with an enthusiastic Secondary Visual Art specialist. Students choosing Art as an elective in Year 9-12 attend 2-4 classes each week. In Visual Arts electives, students produce artworks that are generally more personal, sophisticated and are larger scale than those in previous years.



The Music curriculum follows two learning components of Making (Music Literacy, Composing and Arranging, Practical and Performance) & Responding (Analysis and Context, Interpretation and Evaluation).

Students are provided with the opportunity to learn the fundamental musical elements by exploring and playing a range of instruments based on their year level. The instruments offered are - untuned classroom percussion, boom whackers, recorder, xylophone, ukulele, keyboard, guitar, djembe, and drums.

Students use the skills learned on their instruments to build their musical repertoire, theory knowledge and explore their creativity by composing original pieces. Students are also provided with opportunities to view and reflect upon musical performances to develop and express their thoughts and feelings about a range of music and related social, cultural and ethical considerations.

All students at JBDHS have the opportunity to partake in extra curricula Music activities throughout the year. Choir and Ensemble classes run on a weekly basis for both primary and secondary, in which the students work towards performances that are displayed in both the school and community-based events.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Program at Jurien Bay District High School aims to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, while providing students with the opportunity to further develop their physical and interpersonal skills. The school participates in a variety of local interschool carnivals and sporting fixtures

Design & Technology

Design and Technology at Jurien Bay District High School focuses on developing the students Process and Production Skills and Knowledge and Understanding in accordance with the Western Australian Curriculum. Students have access to premium Western Australian hardwoods like Karri, Marri, Swamp Mahogany, Sheoak and Jarrah as well as pine and ply, and a range of different steel products. The subject aims to create designers and producers who are conscious of the social and environmental implications of our activities and how they impact the world in which we live.

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